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    The First Dirt Republic has finally released the long-awaited single from A.R.A.B.’s sophomore album, The Trojan Horse. The single, “Livin The Life” defines the everyday hustle. A.R.A.B. attempts to encompass all that it means to struggle as an artist, a businessman, and family man. It is with a hook that stays in your head and a hypnotizing beat that he is able to make this happen.

    First Dirt is a united force of artists, musicians, business people, DJs, and promoters who help artists achieve their artistic and business goals. Not only does the group embrace attributes specific to the entertainment industry, but their philosophy resonates in both music and life. First Dirt has been steadily growing for the past 10 years and continues to do so at an alarming rate.

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A.R.A.B. and Pree made this song in about 30 mins. Pree banged out on the keys and A.R.A.B. wrote his cheeks off. And thar she blows!!


from The Trojan Horse, released May 13, 2010
Written By: A.R.A.B. (@FirstDirt)
Produced By: Pree Mayall (@preemayalltwitt)




A.R.A.B. California

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